African Institute for MedEd

How To Purchase Medical Education Modules for a Pre-emerging Country

Your Purchase of Modules Helps Fund AIM 

Purchasing the AIM medical education training modules for your country

  • Modules have been developed and reviewed by recognized medical professionals
  • Modules can be customized to fit the country of your choice
  • For an additional cost, modules can be translated from United States English to the language of another country

Unique program development - behavior and clinical based learning

  • All programs are developed in the United States and implemented by medical specialists in the representative country, and...
  • AIM can send United States-based medical professionals to the representative country to oversee the program and train medical professionals (the Pregnant Women program had a Pediatrician accompany the Health Minister for a two-day training program for 38 medical professionals in Uganda, for example)
  • AIM provides BOTH clinically-based training and education AND patient engagement training (that is, how to understand and interface with patients, consumers and caregivers)
  • AIM provides adaptations of its programs based on CULTURAL nuances in countries, regions and local villages
  • Programs are designed to accommodate the environment.  E.G., Education levels, access to medical testing, cultural beliefs (Witch Doctors sometimes influence patients in certain African countries, for example), access to certain food staples, etc

Standard AIM modules include the following components

  • Training program content for medical professionals
  • Answer keys for trainers
  • Guides for the trainers
  • Train-the-trainer education (how to's)
  • Healthcare professional questionnaires based on the training content
  • Tabulation of the results
  • Before and after program survey rankings
  • Posters for clinics based on the education content
  • Patient materials for handout by healthcare professionals
  • Accountability analysis

Available: Multiple disease categories (more to be added based on client needs)


  • Basics
  • Identification/initial diagnosis
  • Hazmating
  • Quaranteening
  • Triaging
  • Transportation of patients
  • Specialist and institutional directions

Pregnant Women & Their Babies, Women of Childbearing Age (any of the following subsets may be added to this component)

  • Patient education
  • Diagnosis
  • Signs & symptoms of diseases
  • Testing (RH Factor, e.g.)
  • Triaging
  • Transportation of patients
  • Specialist and institutional directions



Gestational diabetes




Alzheimers and related diseases



Sickle Cell Disease

All of the above diseases and conditions include many or all of the following components

  • Healthcare training
  • Patient engagement techniques - bahavioral training
  • Patient education
  • Diagnosis
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Diagnostic testing 
  • Triaging
  • Transportation
  • Diet
  • Identification of specialist and specialist institutions for additional care

Interested in funding a disease medical education program?  

Review the full length (8 1/2 minutes) video below of the Ebola program - it will give you an idea of how the program works.