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Robert Britting, MBA, Speaking at Ugandan North American Association in Boston, Mass. USA
Robert Britting, MBA, President of The African Institute for Medical Education 

Kwiyucwiny Grace Freedom - Minister for the State for Northern Uganda Rehabilitation

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Robert Britting, MBA, Speaking to Minister and Certain Members of Parliament at Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) in Boston, MA.

Women's Health 

Bob explains how the African Institute for Medical Education (AIM) developed and implemented the latest program in Uganda focusing on the "Survival of Childbearing & Pregnant Women & Their Babies." 

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The African Institute for Medical Education

"Survival of Childbearing & Pregnant Women & Their Babies - Uganda"

Results Matter!


98.6% Test Results!

80,000 Villagers Can be Reached Through AIM Programs!


We are proud to announce that with the help of people inside and outside of Johnson & Johnson and the people who developed the CaringCrowd fundraising tool powered by Johnson & Johnson, the training program, "Survival of Pregnant Women & Their Babies & Malnutrition" - produced by the The African Institute for Medical Education (AIM) was a true success - exceeding all expectations. 

Check out the video below and read on.

Figure 1: (Seated 1st row, 4th from left): Lwanga Humphrey M.D. (Gynaecologist), Elizabeth Thomas, M.D., Pediatrician & Assistant Professor at Drexel University (USA), Princess Omumbejja Jane Mpologoma, and (in dark suit) Benard Kiwanuka Mukwaya, M.D. (Health Minister, Kingdom of Buganda)


As some of you may know, Robert Britting’s company, Health Initiatives, focuses on ensuring maximum performance through communications using architectural design and behavioral change with healthcare companies.  Bob, co-founder of AIM, is proud to say this altruistic program has matched the company’s very best work.  Michael Kiyaga, CPA, co-founder, is also proud to see the significant success in his former homeland.

AIM is not a thumb-in-the-dyke program.  That is, AIM focuses on many disease and condition categories.  Every one of the healthcare professionals you see above will see more than 2,000 unduplicated patients.  They have been provided consumer education and reinforcement materials to which they can refer as they diagnose, treat and/or triage to specialists.

This program is just another example of sensational results AIM has achieved in Uganda.  

Figure 2: Princess Omumbejja Jane Mpologoma and Elizabeth Thomas, M.D. handing out accreditation awards

The following data speaks for itself

38 healthcare professionals have taken the rigorous testing at the Mukaywa Medical Center under the guidance of Dr. Bernard Kiwanuka, the Health Minister in Buganda (Uganda).  Successful participants received credits from AIM for their two days of training.

  • ALL (7045 total) responses: 98.6% Correct
    • Early Stages of Pregnancy: 97.8% Correct
    • Later Stages of Pregnancy: 98.9% Correct
    • Sickle Cell Disease: 100% Correct
    • HIV/AIDS: 99.6% Correct
    • Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes: 96% Correct
    • Malaria: 99.4% Correct
    • Tuberculosis: 99.8 % Correct
    • RH Factor Testing: 100% Correct
    • Ultrasound Testing: 100% Correct
    • Diet and Malnutrition During Pregnancy: 99.9% Correct

Figure 3: Elizabeth Thomas, M.D. training healthcare professionals on various pregnancy and malnutrition-related education subjects at the training center

Figure 4: Dr. Bernard Kiwanuka introduced the AIM program and trained healthcare professionals using materials produced by AIM

Figure 5: Dr. Lwanga Humphreys training healthcare professionals using AIM program materials

Figure 6: Doctors visiting remote villages in Uganda, administering to mothers and babies

Figure 7: Dr. Elizabeth Thomas reviewing status of mother and baby in remote village

Figure 8: Dr. Elizabeth Thomas and healthcare worker providing mother-and-baby training in remote village

Figure 8: Dr. Elizabeth Thomas and healthcare worker providing mother-and-baby training in remote village


AIM truly appreciates the donations and the moral support.  More importantly, many of the 75,000 people potentially benefitting from the program can live longer and better lives through advanced education.  And, the 38 healthcare professionals who participated in the training may see significantly better mortality and morbidity patient outcomes.

Also, we especially would like to thank Health Minister Dr. Bernard Kiwanuka, Ambassador Perezi Kamunanwire, Pediatrician and Assistant Professor at Drexel University Dr. Elizabeth Thomas and Gynaecologist Dr. Lwanga Humphrey for their help. 


Our next steps include expanding the Pregnant Mothers & Their Babies & Malnutrition program to more healthcare professionals working at five hospitals.  This will significantly add to the estimated 160,000 Ugandans already projected to be reached by the work to date.

For those interested in helping AIM to finance we will be adding programs on other diseases or conditions.  If you would like to know more about - or donate to - The African Institute for Medical Education (AIM), you are encouraged to contact us.

Thank You!

The Program
Pregnant Women & Their Babies: Malnutrition Training 

Program Subject Matter - Monitoring, Diagnosing, Treating, Triaging

  • AIM will provide credits for individuals completing state-of-the-art, world class training and testing focusing on expectant mother monitoring, diagnosing, treating, malnutritioin, and triaging

AIM works

  • 97% of the medical professionals rated the AIM accredited medical education program a 9 or 10 (very helpful) 
  • 94% rated it a 10 (very helpful)

Program Leaders

  • The AIM Expectant Mother & Baby Malnutrition program was developed by AIM and approved and implemented by the Health Minister of Buganda, Dr. Kiwanuka
  • Dr. Kiwanuka will train other medical professionals to train Nurses, Midwives and other medical profesionals in highly remote villages

Materials & Steps

  • AIM partially pad for a US pediatrician to travel to Uganda
  • AIM provided training, training materials, posters, testing materials, consumer training and other materials in each of the villages
  • AIM ensured all programs accommodate cultural nuances
  • AIM paid for travel for medical professional attendees/trainees
  • AIM travels to Uganda to oversee the operations
  • AIM evaluates test results and issue credits to successful trainees from the African Institute for Medical Education
  • AIM supplies contributors with results of program

Outreach & Volume

  • The AIM pilot program had 38 medical professionals representing more than 75,000 patients and consumers


  • This program was completed in 2016