African Institute for MedEd

Ebola Program
31 Medical Professionals Completed


Program Subject Matter - Ebola Awareness, Hazardous Patient Engagement & Quarantining & Monitoring, Diagnosing, Treating, Triaging

AIM completed its first accredited medical education program in Uganda - developed by A.I.M. and led by the Health Minister of Buganda
AIM created the first ever Ebola state-of-the-art, advanced program in 3 villages and for 31 medical professionals
All 31 of the medical professionals received continuing education credits from AIM for reviewing and passing rigorous testing developed by AIM

Pre-test results - filling a need

Medical professionals were asked to provide answers to questions relating to Ebola subjects including: Diagnostics, Signs & Symptoms, Treatment, Quarantining, and Triaging.  The following were the results:

50% did not know whom to go to if they suspected on outbreak of Ebola
48% did not know the steps to protect themselves from an outbreak of Ebola
31% did not know NOT to touch bats or non-human primates or their blood or fluids - or to eat meat from these animals
44% did not know which hospitals specialized in treating Ebola
89% did not have contact information for individuals if they suspected an outbreak of Ebola

They know now!

AIM Ranking with medical professionals in remote villages

97% rated the AIM accredited medical education program a 9 or 10 (very helpful) 
94% rated it a 10 (very helpful)

Program Leaders

The AIM Ebola program was developed by AIM and approved and implemented by the Health Minister of Buganda, Dr. Kiwanuka.  Dr. Kiwanuka serves as an advisor to AIM
Dr. Kiwanuka trained other medical professionals to train Nurses, Midwives and other medical profesionals in highly remote villages.

Materials & Steps

AIM provided training, training materials, posters, testing materials, consumer training and other materials in each of the villages
AIM ensured all programs accommodate cultural nuances
AIM leased automobiles to travel to villages
AIM supplied hand out patient materials
AIM paid consultants and program administrators to conduct training
AIM traveled to Uganda to oversee the operations
AIM evaluated test results and issued credits to successful trainees from the African Institute for Medical Education
AIM supplied contributors with results of programs

Outreach & Volume

The AIM pilot program had 31 medical professionals in 3 remote villages
Entire outreach is likely to extend to more than 160,000 consumers and patients through the medical professionals trained by AIM


We Can't Do It Alone - It's Just Too Big

AIM is financed by Michael Kiyaga, CPA and Robert Britting, MBA, co-founders.  Johnson & Johnson's funding program also contributed to the program.  However, in order to expand our reach tho those in need, we need assistance.  Please take a look at the video below for ways to donate.

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Ebola Program 
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